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Volkswagen launches with NACEX the first car boot delivery service in Spain


  • ​“We Deliver” will be the first operational service within the Volkswagen We digital ecosystem in Spain
  • Nacex will be the first courier company to offer this service, which will allow messengers to geolocate the user’s car and deliver the package in the boot 
  • Volkswagen will remotely open the vehicle as soon as the messenger requests it, and closes it immediately after to ensure security
Volkswagen Spain launches We Deliver service that will allow users to receive packages in their car’s boot. Nacex will be the first partner to offer this service to their clients. Its messengers will be able to start making deliveries to more than 20.000 Volkswagen vehicles, coinciding with the new Passat market launch.

We Deliver is the first package boot delivery service in Spain, and the first to be launched within the Volkswagen We platform, which will bring together all of the brand’s digital mobility services in the future. Volkswagen Spain was chosen as a pilot country to launch this project, and the agreement with Nacex to get it running represents its first milestone. 

Closed testing for this new service begin this July, and it´s expected that Nacex starts to publicly offer it in October, coinciding with the new Passat market launch. We Deliver will then activate for all Volkswagen vehicles which currently have the Car-Net Security & Service function “remote lock & unlock”. 

With the strong rise of e-commerce and order delivery, We Deliver will facilitate the delivery of packages, allowing customers to benefit from a quick, comfortable service which will reduce the failed delivery attempts and improve the efficiency of delivery systems. 

“We Deliver is the first in an entire ecosystem of car services that focus on simplifying our customers’ lives. Today we start with package delivery, but the range of possibilities that lie ahead of us is indeed very wide”, explained Pedro Mateos, Head of Customer Experience at Volkswagen Spain. “In Nacex we have found an ideal partner to set the service in motion, thanks to its experience as a leading company in the industry, the size of its network across Spain and the constant innovation effort as the key to improving customer service”. 

On his part, Manuel Orihuela, Deputy General Manager at Nacex, said: “We are very satisfied with the partnership launched with Volkswagen. Starting in October, our clients will be able to receive their deliveries in their car boots in a completely secure and trustworthy way. With this new service, we are offering them an innovative service based on technology and security that will simplify the customer’s experience with deliveries”.

How does it work?
To be able to enjoy this service, the user of a Volkswagen needs to be registered in the Volkswagen We platform. If he isn’t, he will be able to when receiving the usual email from Nacex informing him that he will receive the package and offering him several delivery options. One of the options will be to have the package delivered in the car. 

The client who accepts to have the package delivered in his car, is giving Volkswagen the authorisation to remotely open and close the vehicle for that specific delivery, and will then have to provide a time slot and the approximate area where their car is parked. 

When the messenger is close to the vehicle’s whereabouts, they will be able to geolocate it with a GPS and find its exact location. Once the car has been found, the messenger will then request the unlocking of the vehicle, a request that will be directed at Volkswagen AG systems, which will instantly authorize it as soon as they verify that the user has given the consent.

Once the consent to open the car has been given, the messenger will have 30 seconds to open the boot and leave the package. Once the delivery has been completed, they will request the locking of the boot through their control device and then manually verify that the car has been correctly closed. To ensure that the car does not remain open if the messenger sends the unlocking request but does not open it, it will automatically close after 30 seconds. 

Nacex will provide the in-car delivery service throughout the peninsular Spain, and its messengers will receive training on this new service in the coming weeks. For geolocating the vehicles, a specific application has been developed for messengers’ devices. 

We Deliver is the first Volkswagen We platform service to be launched in Spain, the first market outside of Germany that has been selected to adapt and implement the first test runs. In addition to We Deliver, We Park and We Experience will also be tested. 

NACEX, with a broad range of services, is part of the Logista Group, the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in Southern Europe.

NACEX has a fleet of over 1,500 vehicles and more than 2,000 collaborators, as well as a network of 31 platforms and over 300 franchises in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.