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Technological milestones

Logista is a company with great ability in adapting and encouraging implementation of new technologies. The technological milestones make Logista a more efficient, competitive and attractive company for clients. These milestones include:

Enlargement and renovation of the tobacco silo:

Since its construction in 1994, Logista’s Leganés warehouse features an automated silo for storing tobacco on pallets. In 2007, the facility was enlarged to hold over 30,000 pallets and adapting the transport system to further enhance warehouse performance. In 2010, the company renovated all transelevators at the site.

The most advanced technology and the most reliable security systems have been implemented throughout the installations.

Automation of tobacco product picking:

In 2003, the company implemented its first automated tobacco picking system. This system loads picking boxes using automated channels for high-rotation references and pick-to-light positions for other products. The facilities are also outfitted with box assembly, packing, weighing and control, labelling, photographing, covering and palleting stations.

In 2006 and 2008, the company enlarged these facilities several times in order to centralise all boxes-picking activities in Leganés.

Automation of book order preparation:

In 2008, the company automated the book order preparation and the returns classification processes at the Cabanillas del Campo warehouse, installing double tray split-tray classifiers.

In 2009, Logista installed an additional automated line with pick-to-light stations, for preparing large-volume book orders comprising minimal references.

Both facilities are outfitted with stations for box assembly, both price and client labelling, weighing and control, covering and dispatch sorting, gaining great productivity improvements.

Main installations in the logistics area in Italy:

Since 2007, Logista Italia has continually automated its distribution network, creating six automated and semi-automated picking facilities.

The Tortona site houses one of the most technologically-advanced facilities in the tobacco distribution segment, thanks to the cutting-edge automation systems installed.

In addition, a number of innovative projects have been carried out at the Bari warehouse: a vision system for managing errors in deliveries and the “sachetto” (bag) project which has reduced the number of cardboard boxes sent to tobacconists. This latter project uses biodegradable plastic bags placed inside recyclable plastic containers. The final results have been greatly approved, both from an operating point of view and in terms of environmental impact.