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Logista France

Logista France is the leading distributor of products and services to proximity retailers in France.
Logista France distributes tobacco and convenience products, as well as electronic top-ups to over 70,000 points of sale in France, including tobacconists, petrol stations, grocery stores, vending machines operators, etc, where over 14 million people enter every day to buy products and services.
The company is the undisputed leader in the distribution of tobacco products and electronic top-ups to over 25,000 tobacconists throughout France while its subsidiary SAF provides them with a broad updated portfolio of convenience products including smoking items, stationery or confectionery, among others.

Also, its subsidiary Supergroup is the market leader in the convenience products distribution to other points of sale in France, including petrol stations, bakeries, grocery stores, vending machines operators, etc further adding over 45,000 proximity retailers to Logista France’s commercial reach.

Logista France benefits from the long-standing confidence and strong commercial relationship forged with the proximity retailers, continuously reinforced through the years by investing and innovating to improve the services rendered and provide them with the most extensive products and services portfolio marketable by them.

As part of this commitment, over 10,000 retailers are equipped with its Strator Point-of-Sale Terminals and its management, sales and collection systems software.

The company so proves to be the best partner for manufacturers and points of sale, as it provides the best and fastest access to the market for any marketable product according to the point of sale and its customers’ characteristics.
Furthermore, Logista is also present in the transport sector in France, through its subsidiary Logesta France which is specialized in long-distance and full truck load transport.