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Pharmacies / Hospitals

Logista offers the most extensive, modern and transparent portfolio of specialized distribution services for the pharmaceutical sector in Spain and Portugal.

The Group is the leader in the pharmaceutical distribution to hospitals and primary healthcare centers, adding its consolidated expertise in distribution to wholesalers and its growing presence in distribution to pharmacies, creating value for its clients across every stage of the supply chain.
  • Combining the advantages of direct distribution and wholesale distribution

Logista Pharma offers in a unique distributor the advantages of the direct distribution and those of the wholesale distribution to pharmacies, facilitating the needed volumes to advantageously contract directly with the laboratories and making split and multi-lab deliveries to pharmacies.
  • Operating integration and full traceability

Logista Pharma leans on the Group’s networks, Nacex, Integra2 and Logesta, for the transportation and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Spain and Portugal to wholesalers, hospitals, primary healthcare centers and pharmacies, assuring full operating integration, physical and thermal traceability, the highest quality standards and the use of cutting edge information systems.

Furthermore, Integra2, the Logista Group’s firm specialized in controlled temperature transport for the pharmaceutical sector, leads the transport to the pharmaceutical channel, including hospitals, pharmacies, primary healthcare centers and wholesalers’ warehouses, among other distribution points in Spain and Portugal.